The most engaging and memorable stories include people. Through consumer research we can help you explore people’s thoughts and opinions, dreams and fears, loves and hates.

Whether through consumer insight, an employee survey or election poll we can help you better understand market trends and the psychology and sociology of consumers. We pride ourselves on designing insightful research that will give you meaningful and impactful results.

We conduct consumer research worldwide including in hard to reach markets.

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B2B research doesn’t need to be dull. But it so often is, because the wrong questions are asked. Whatever your research need, we can help you get the most from your research investment via high quality B2B sample, questionnaire design and reporting.

We pride ourselves on working with you to understand your objectives and delivering recommendations to meet your business needs. With so many research options available, we make it our mission to suggest the right methodology and approach to meet your business goals.

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We live and breathe stories. Helping create stories from data is why we get out of bed in the morning.

Our research helps PR, marketing, advertising, social and communication agencies and in-house teams deliver quality data that will bring a brand’s story to life in the media or via content across a variety of channels. We can help you add the human element to your content.

For organisations that want trusted, respected, vibrant and topical stories told in real human voices we can add depth and fuel to your campaign.

Our expertise in qualitative research can also add real depth of insight to our quantitative research offer and bring your stories to life in 3D.

Our team of content writers are also on hand to help generate any collateral you may require. Whether that be a press release, whitepaper, website copy or thought leadership article. We can deliver content that brings your story to life.

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Discovering the story in data

Insight and evidence to bring your story to life
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Stories are powerful things. They make us laugh, make us cry, change the way we think and act. Stories are potent, emotional and memorable. It’s why we’ll happily commit hours of our lives to novels or box sets – something we’d do for little else.

A story used well in the business world can affect huge change. However, one used haphazardly can be a waste or, at worst, bring disaster.

Every piece of research we undertake is designed to help you tell the best stories, by bringing your research results to life.

About us

We provide our customers with robust data, via desk research, quantitative and qualitative research, online listening, social media audits, competitor analysis and influencer audits.


Arlington Research

Arlington Research is a full-service agency. We can provide you with robust data via quantitative research, in depth analysis via qualitative research and an audit on what’s out there already via desk research. Intelligent analysis and creative insight adds an extra layer to the service we offer, helping you make the most of your research results and bring them to life.

Our team will design your research from sample design to final reporting. Each piece of research is reliable, robust and delivered with a quick turnaround. Coupled with consultancy from our senior level team we can ensure the research creates maximum impact.

Our scope of work is broad, and we run research for leading brands and organisations from many different sectors on an international basis.

We are experienced in researching hard to reach audiences and markets.

We would love to help bring your story to life. Contact us for a quote or to discuss your requirements and how we can help you.


Our services

As a full-service research agency, we can help deliver all elements of your research needs.

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Whether your research is commercial, political or cultural, our research team can provide you with an accurate picture of what the world thinks and bring your story to life with more than just opinions. By better understanding buyers, trends and data it is possible to build stronger brands and drive sales.

Our ability to drill into profiled target groups and gather insights gives you strong reliable research to help position you as a thought leader.

We conduct global quantitative research via online (CAWI) and telephone (CATI) methodologies and face to face quantitative research in North America and Europe. Our qualitative research methodologies include depth interviews, discussion groups and ethnography.

We offer bespoke desk research designed to meet your business objectives.

All our research complies with the UK Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct, ESOMAR standards and other market research quality standards for the countries where research is conducted.

Our clients

What our clients say

We have completed a number of large-scale projects with Arlington Research and have been very pleased with the level of service. Flexibility, and the ability to problem-solve are among the first things I look for when choosing a service partner – Arlington has this in spades. It’s absolutely critical that a research provider understands your objectives and is willing to work with you to get what you want, overcoming obstacles or finding alternative routes where necessary. With Arlington, I always feel that there is a way forward… no matter the challenges we come up against. Rob Langford | Senior Corporate Communications Manager – Europe | Kaspersky Lab

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