UK or US omnibus surveys

Sometimes you just need the answer to your question quickly and cost effectively. When asking five or fewer questions, our omnibus survey service allows you to gauge the opinions of consumers and validate a story or react to a topical issue or market event. Our UK omnibus survey is ideal for political polls, brand awareness, topical questions, can be used to assess potential demand for a new product or service, campaign evaluation or simply to help with a PR story. Results are nationally representative in terms of gender, age and region and presented in simple to read data tables. Omnibus surveys allow brands to ask questions quickly and cost effectively. Whether it is to answer a question ahead of that big presentation or to fuel a content strategy, omnibus surveys give you data fast.

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“The analysis document given at the end was exactly what we needed. Going through raw data is hard, but the way they presented it with key themes written out, as well as charts, helped us look at each question from several angles to glean the best insights possible.”

Director of Marketing– PFS

About UK and US omnibus surveys

UK and US omnibus surveys allow brands to rapidly collate the insights of consumers to understand their opinions and attitudes, test concepts or fuel creative campaigns. Use our omnibus surveys to:

  • Understand how consumer behaviours and opinions might have changed
  • Diagnose problems to help build a business or marketing strategy
  • Evaluate a campaign’s performance by surveying consumers before or after to gauge recognition or opinions
  • Test creatives on real customers before larger investment
  • Generate opinions to topical stories and help fuel your content strategy
  • Quickly add some stats to back-up a campaign you are working onIt can often be helpful to conduct an omnibus survey to test a hypothesis ahead of investing in a larger bespoke project.

UK and US omnibus survey services

Just because you haven’t ordered a bespoke survey doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from the experience of our director level team. With a minimum of 15 years industry experience you can be sure that you get the most bang for your buck from your investment. Each question will be carefully considered and written to provide you with the answers your require. Questions will be designed to tell a story but also to stand up to scrutiny from stakeholders, journalists and competitors.

The panels we use for UK and US omnibus surveys only include respondents who are double opted in and checked regularly to ensure that the information they provide is truthful. Respondents are not over researched by being sent too many surveys, their responses are checked to ensure that they don’t provide contradictory responses and we also remove ‘speedy respondents’ who complete the survey too quickly.

Analysis of the responses are again conducted by our director level team ensuring you not only ask the right questions but also answer how to use the responses and communicate them.

We would love to help bring your story to life.

What to look for when booking a UK or US omnibus survey

Fast and cheaper shouldn’t mean that corners are cut. It is still essential that the omnibus survey stands up to scrutiny and achieves the goals set out. The following five points will help you identify the right omnibus survey supplier:

  • Input to the questions you want to ask. Does the agency just take your questions and run it or will they assign someone with industry expertise to check that you are asking the right question and in an ethical way?
  • Accreditation. Does the agency adhere to MRS or SCOMAR market research standards? Is this important to them? It should be or you run the risk of running research that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.
  • Examples. Do they have any examples of their work they can share with you to show that they can do what they say they can?
  • Results. Can the agency help you understand the results? Will they help you see how you can use them and how you can communicate the findings appropriately?

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  • Specialise in market research and in particular, PR surveys for the media
  • We have a UK panel of over 130k respondents
  • Access to over 44 countries internationally
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