Case Study: IDEX

IDEX Biometrics is the leading provider of fingerprint identification technologies in the UK, offering simple, secure and personal authentication for all. It helps people make payments, prove their identity, gain access to information, unlock devices or gain admittance to buildings with the touch of a finger.

IDEX wanted to conduct a piece of research that looked at UK consumer’s opinions surrounding ditching payment cards in favour of mobile payments in the near, or even distant, future. 1,000 interviews were conducted using an online methodology against a nationally representative sample of consumers.

The research found that mobile payments are almost as unpopular as cheques with consumers. In the UK, the payment card is the number one payment method when it comes to in-store purchases. Three quarters (75%) of respondents stated that they use cards – including contactless – most often, compared to cash (21%), mobile payments (3%) and cheques (1%).

There doesn’t seem to be a glimpse of hope for mobile payments on the horizon either, with 72% stating they were concerned about the possibility of no longer having access to a physical debit card and needing to rely on mobile payments only.

This research provided IDEX with a much greater understanding of the sector and its consumers. It also allowed it to speak to the media about the topic and be seen as a thought leader. The campaign was a great example of research effective strategy, as if the results had shown that the public were crying out for mobile payments to be used more, IDEX’s plan and content would have changed. Arlington helped them to adjust their plan and provided them with a great opportunity to proactively respond to the insights.

Key takeaways: