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B2B research doesn’t need to be dull. But it so often is, because the wrong questions are asked. Whatever your research need, we can help you get the most from your research investment via high quality B2B samples, survey and questionnaire design and insightful reporting. We pride ourselves on working with you to understand your objectives and delivering recommendations to meet your business needs. With so many research options available, we make it our mission to suggest the right methodology and approach to meet your business objectives.

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About Arlington Research

“The analysis document given at the end was exactly what we needed. Going through raw data is hard, but the way they presented it with key themes written out, as well as charts, helped us look at each question from several angles to glean the best insights possible.”

Director of Marketing– PFS


B2B research services

Every member of our team has a minimum of 15 years industry experience and is director level. This means you can benefit from our years of experience when designing your research from sample design to final reporting. The Arlington Research team adds value at every step of the way, designing the survey and sample design, producing questionnaires and discussion guides, providing high quality sample, conducting the fieldwork to ensure it is conducted on time and importantly, to budget, designing and analysing the results and presenting the deliverables in a visually engaging and insightful format designed to meet your needs. Each piece of B2B research is reliable, robust, delivered with a quick turnaround, and analysed to ensure the research creates maximum impact using our storytelling methodologies. Our scope of work is broad, and we run B2B research for leading brands and organisations from many different sectors across the globe.

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About B2B market research

B2B research falls into three categories:

Quantitative research – the process of gathering data from a large enough sample of your target market to represent the market as a whole. This type of research is carried out using surveys, and we offer online, telephone, postal and face to face methodologies. You will get statistical answers to questions such as ‘who, how, why, when and what?’

Qualitative research – allows you to dive into questions in more depth and detail. It allows you to really understand why people think or behave the way they do and provide you with stories and anecdotes which will help shape campaigns or business strategies. Methodologies include in-depth interviews (face to face, via video calls or on the telephone), running focus groups or speaking with online communities.

Desk research – researching what stats and data already exists to support a project.

It can often be helpful to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research within a B2B research campaign. For example you can see how the many feel about a specific topic and then run qualitative research to dive deeper and understand why they feel that way and to get more depth and colour to the story.

What to look for when hiring a B2B research agency

It is important to work with a reputable B2B market research agency to conduct your campaign and not just the cheapest. Too often investment is put into platforms that allow the user to do it themselves without the skill, expertise or understanding of the standards and codes of conduct expected within the industry. Here are our five top tips for when choosing a B2B market research agency for your next project:

  • Expertise. Does the B2B market research agency have expertise in your chosen methodology? Are they full service or do they only do online polls?
  • Relationship. B2B research is a collaborative process and successful research depends on relationships and expertise. Ask them questions. What value can they add? Do they push and challenge you or just take what you give them? Are they constantly looking for ways to improve the project? Ensure that the team is senior enough to maximise the insights from the results.
  • Sample. What is the source of the B2B sample? It is really important that you have a high quality sample for B2B research and that respondents are genuine and answer questions accurately.
  • Knowledge. Does the agency understand the sector you work in? Do they understand the world in which you exist, the terminology and technology? Can they demonstrate they have worked on similar projects?
  • Recommendations. Can anyone in your network who you trust recommend an agency? Are any people or brands you respect using a specific agency? Look on independent review sites such as Clutch to read what others have said and see who closely fits your needs.
  • Clients. Ask any potential agency to demonstrate their experience and expertise. Do they have case studies that show how they worked on similar projects to yours with similar target audiences?

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  • Specialise in market research and in particular, PR surveys for the media
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