Employee Surveys & Questionnaires

If customers are a gauge for commercial success, then employees are a source of insight for your culture, attraction and modernity. We can help you explore the thoughts and opinions of your most prized assets – your people. Their frustrations, sources of pride, suggestions for improvement and overall job satisfaction can inform overall business progress and your future as an employer of choice.

How Arlington Research can help you

“The analysis document given at the end was exactly what we needed. Going through raw data is hard, but the way they presented it with key themes written out, as well as charts, helped us look at each question from several angles to glean the best insights possible.”

Director of Marketing – PFS


What is employee research?

Employee research falls into two categories:

Quantitative research: the process of gathering data from a large enough sample of your employees to represent your workforce as a whole. This methodology is primarily carried out using surveys, predominantly online, but we offer a range of research methodologies and will work with you to choose the best for your employees. Catering for all geographic footprints and structure of organisation, the end result is a statistical breakdown of responses to questions such as ‘who, how, why, when and what?’

Qualitative research: allows you to really understand employees’ issues or challenges – what they perceive to be successful or hindering across the business. Methodologies include in-depth interviews or focus groups, whichever is best for your employees.

What should I look for when hiring an employee research agency?

There is a fine balance to be achieved between intruding on employees’ opinions and seeking out information that will be of advantage to them, ultimately. When dealing with such a vital, but sensitive relationship, it’s important to work with a reputable market research agency that has direct experience in forming questionnaires and surveys that meet this requirement. Here are our five top tips when choosing a research agency for your next employee research project.

  • Get to know the team: employee research is a collaborative process and successful research depends on relationships – especially within the setting of a workplace. Spend some time talking to the team who will work on your campaign and delivering it from start to finish, to ensure they can add value, and you can work well together in a considerate way.
  • Expertise and experience: does the research agency have expertise in employee research? Can they give you case studies and talk with confidence about this area of research?
  • Request team seniority: which individuals will be working on your project and how senior are they? If a project is delegated to a junior team then its credibility among your workers may be jeopardised. We recommend you insist on a senior team throughout the duration of your project.
  • Assess market research standards: does the research agency comply with ESOMAR international research guidelines and Market Research Society guidelines if they are based in the UK?
  • Ask for recommendations: has anyone in your network worked with the research agency before and would they recommend them? Does the agency have any independent reviews on Clutch?

Why is Arlington Research the answer to my employee research needs?


Every employee research project delivered is reliable, robust, delivered with a quick turnaround, conducted with relationship preservation in mind, and analysed to ensure the research creates maximum impact. Our scope of work is broad, and we run employee research for all company sizes, from enterprises to startups, across all sectors.

Our director-level team will guide your research from survey design to final reporting. We add value each step of the way:

  • Producing questionnaires
  • Conducting and managing fieldwork to ensure it is conducted on time and within budget
  • Analysing the results and debriefing the insights in an impactful, accessible format

For each organisation we have sought to bring your employees’ stories to life. We would love to do the same for you!

Let’s start a new project together

  • Specialists in PR research for content and the media
  • We have a UK panel of over 5 million respondents
  • Access to over 100 countries internationally
  • Global panel of over 200 million respondents
  • Full-service market research agency

We always love to hear about a new challenge and would love to help you bring your story to life.