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High levels of customer satisfaction are critical to the success of every business. Through Customer Satisfaction Research, we can help improve your understanding of your customers’ needs, key drivers to loyalty and repeat purchase and your strengths and weaknesses as a company through your customers’ eyes . Our Net Promoter Score analyses the likelihood of your customers to recommend your brand to friends and family, critical to growing your customer base and a strong indication of high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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“The analysis document given at the end was exactly what we needed. Going through raw data is hard, but the way they presented it with key themes written out, as well as charts, helped us look at each question from several angles to glean the best insights possible.”

Director of Marketing– PFS

What to look for when hiring a Customer Satisfaction Research agency

It is important to work with a reputable market research agency with expertise in Customer Satisfaction Research to conduct your research and not just the cheapest. Too often investment is put into platforms that allow the user to do it themselves without the skill or expertise or understanding of the standards and codes of conduct expected within the industry. Here are our five top tips for when choosing a research agency for your next Customer Satisfaction Research project.

Get to know the team. Customer Satisfaction Research is a collaborative process and successful research depends on relationships. Spend some time talking to the team who will work on your campaign and delivering it from start to finish to ensure they can add value, and you can work well together.

Expertise and experience. Does the research agency have relevant expertise? Can they give you case studies and talk with confidence about this area of research?

Seniority of the core team. Which individuals will be working on your project and how senior are they? Too often, a director is present at the proposal stage of a project but then the research is delegated to a junior team after the project is commissioned – we recommend you insist on a senior team throughout the duration of your project.

Market Research Standards. Does the research agency comply with ESOMAR international research guidelines and Market Research Society guidelines if they are based in the UK?

Ask for recommendations. Has anyone in your network worked with the research agency before and would they recommend them? Does the research agency have any independent reviews on Clutch?

Customer Satisfaction Research services

Our director level team will design your research from survey design to final reporting. We add value at every step of the way, designing questionnaires, conducting and managing the fieldwork to ensure it is conducted on time and on budget, analysing the results and debriefing the insights in an impactful, accessible format. Every Customer Satisfaction Research project is reliable, robust, delivered with a quick turnaround, and analysed to ensure the research creates maximum impact. Our scope of work is broad, and we run Customer Satisfaction Research for all company sizes from enterprises to start-ups across all sectors.

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