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Arlington Research is a full-service agency that makes use of an array of market research services to bring our clients’ stories to life. B2B research, consumer research and communications and PR research are our core service offerings. However, our experience and expertise goes much further, meaning there is so much more we can help you with. We provide consultancy from start to finish, to ensure our quality research services delivers on your objectives. Our director level team will help throughout the project to ensure the research meets your objectives.

Consumer research

Consumer market research

The most engaging and memorable stories include people. Through consumer research we can help you explore people’s thoughts and opinions, dreams and fears, loves and hates.

Whether through consumer insight, an employee survey, or an election poll, we can help you better understand market trends and the psychology and sociology of consumers. We pride ourselves on designing insightful research that will give you meaningful and impactful results.

We conduct consumer research worldwide including in hard to reach markets.

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B2B research

B2B research doesn’t need to be dull. But it so often is, because the wrong questions are asked. Whatever your research need, we can help you get the most from your research investment via high quality B2B samples, questionnaire design and insightful reporting.

We pride ourselves on working with you to understand your objectives and delivering recommendations to meet your business needs. With so many research options available, we make it our mission to suggest the right methodology and approach to meet your business objectives.

Customer Experience Research

Through measuring Net Promoter Scores and a range of comprehensive customer experience metrics, we can help you measure the pulse of customer satisfaction. Our concise, dashboard reporting helps highlight specific areas for improvement and strengths of each organisation. The ethos of storytelling runs throughout our work from design through to the debrief and helps engage all stakeholders. Our director level team have extensive experience in this area of research and in debriefing the results to C Suite audiences. Combining quantitative metrics with deep dive qualitative research also provides you with a rich data set and understanding of how your customers view you.

Comms and PR research

We live and breathe stories. Helping create stories from data is why we get out of bed in the morning.

Our research helps PR, marketing, advertising, social and communication agencies and in-house teams deliver quality data that will bring a brand’s story to life in the media or via content across a variety of channels. We can help you add the human element toyour content.

For organisations that want trusted, respected, vibrant and topical stories told in real human voices we can add depth and fuel to your campaign.

We can also help source case study participants while conducting the research. This adds extra depth when pitching your story to the media as the research tells a story and we can also source someone to help bring that story to life for the media.

Our team of content writers are also on hand to help generate any collateral you may require. Whether that be a press release, whitepaper, website copy or thought leadership article. We can deliver content that brings your story to life.

Research debriefs

B2B market research

The quality of a research debrief is core to the success of any research project. Our director level consultants design debriefs to bring the data to life, telling you the story of the data to answer your research objectives.

We ensure that the data is analysed by all the different angles to make sure we maximise the insights gained from the research. This allows our clients to capitalise on media coverage or sales and marketing advantages or getting a product to market. Whatever the research objectives are.

Design and Branding


No matter how compelling and engaging the content is, it will only tell half the story if not supported visually and through a strong brand identity.

We have the skills in-house to design and deliver a total visual package to support your research project and leave a lasting impression through a visual language of our own making.

At Arlington Research we say that seeing is believing. If done well, motion graphics and visual content can go a long way to support the written word.

Our services include:

  • PowerPoint debriefs
  • Sales and marketing collateral (white papers, reports, data sheets, etc)
  • Infographics
  • Websites and microsites
  • Publications (printed and digital)
  • Exhibition and office graphics

Content creation

We don’t just do research debriefs. Our team of content directors can take your research and help shape your content for all manner of audiences – from sales prospects and employees, to channel partners, analysts, customers, stakeholders and consumers from all walks of life. Specific services include:

  • Video scripts
  • Web and DM content (downloads, infographics, web sites)
  • Copywriting (editorial and advertising)
  • White papers
  • Speeches, presentations and video scripts
  • Blogging and social media content
  • e-books and management reports
  • Storyboards, exhibition stands and display
  • Case studies and by-lined articles
  • Thought leadership

Let’s start a new project together

  • Specialise in market research and in particular, PR surveys for the media
  • We have a UK panel of over 130k respondents
  • Access to over 44 countries internationally
  • Global panel of over 10 million respondents
  • Full-service market research agency

We always love to hear about a new challenge and would love to help you bring your story to life.