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Arlington Research is an international full-service market research agency providing a range of services designed to bring our clients’ stories to life. Alongside our core service offerings of B2B research, consumer research and communications & PR research, our experience and expertise go much further, to help you guide bespoke storytelling and strategy through market research channels. Our director-level team provides consultancy from start to finish on every project to ensure our research meets your objectives.

Consumer research

The most engaging and memorable stories revolve around people. Through consumer market research we can help you explore people’s thoughts and opinions, experiences, and fears, loves and hates; to better understand what is driving market trends and the real-time mindsets of consumers.

We can conduct consumer research worldwide, thanks to our access to respondents in 100+ countries.

B2B research

B2B research doesn’t need to be dull, but often can be if the wrong questions are asked. With our story-first approach, we help you get the most from your research investment by providing high quality B2B samples, questionnaire designs and insightful reporting.


Omnibus Research

Sometimes you just need the answer to a question quickly and cost effectively. This might be to gauge general opinion, to validate a story, or to vindicate your response to a topical market event. Asking five or fewer questions on our nationally representative consumer omnibus. allows you to access insight in a quick and efficient way.

Customer Satisfaction Research

Through measuring a range of comprehensive customer experience metrics, we can help you evaluate your customer satisfaction levels and to better understand your customers’ needs. Gauging their levels of trust, loyalty, repeat purchase likelihood and their general feelings about you as a company can all be delivered through our concise dashboard reporting tool.

Employee Research

If customers are a gauge for commercial success, then employees are a source of insight for your culture, attraction and modernity. We can help you explore the thoughts and opinions of your most prized assets – your people. Their frustrations, sources of pride, suggestions for improvement and overall job satisfaction can inform overall business progress and your future as an employer of choice.

PR and Communications Research

We live and breathe stories. Our research helps PR, marketing, advertising, social and communication agencies, and in-house teams use quality data to bring a brand’s story to life across a variety of media channels… all by adding the human element to your content. We believe evidence and insight from people should be the basis for your stories and every survey question is created with this effect in mind.

Research Debriefs

People discussing work

Research doesn’t just end once questions have been asked, in the same way a story isn’t over once the scene is set. When based around the themes of your questionnaire, using a narrative helps bring the data to life. Going a step further and debriefing the story based on that data helps the narrative to live on longer within an organisation.

Analysis via different angles is critical and we look at the results to each theme and question through all possible variables to unearth the most insightful and suitable results. This allows clients to capitalise on media coverage, reap sales and marketing advantages, get a product to market, or achieve what they set out to at the beginning of the process.

Design and Branding


No matter how compelling and engaging content is, it will only tell half a story if not supported visually and through a strong and consistent brand identity. We have the skills in-house to design and deliver a total visual package to support your research project, and leave an impression through a visual language of our own making.

At Arlington Research we say that seeing is believing. If done well, motion graphics and visual content can go a long way to support the written word.

Our services include:

  • PowerPoint debriefs
  • Sales and marketing collateral (whitepapers, reports, data sheets, etc)
  • Infographics
  • Websites and microsites
  • Publications (printed and digital)
  • Exhibition and office graphics

Content creation

With storytelling as our aim, and with debriefs a critical part of the process, it is clear we take all aspects of content seriously. As such, we have a team of content writers available to help generate any marketing and editorial collateral you may require. This includes:

  • Press releases, bylines and thought leadership articles
  • Video scripts
  • Web and DM content (downloads, infographics, websites)
  • Copywriting (editorial and advertising)
  • Whitepapers
  • Speeches, presentations, and video scripts
  • Blogging and social media content
  • E-books and management reports
  • Storyboards, exhibition stands and displays
  • Case studies

Content Research

Helping to create stories from data is why we get out of bed in the morning as we seek to enhance your brand with creative content, tailored to audiences that matter across all of your channels. At Arlington Research, we apply our storytelling approach to all research, to ensure you grow your coverage, drive sales and convert leads.

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We always love to hear about a new challenge and would love to help you bring your story to life.