Case Study: ENGAGE

The ENGAGE portal enables both housing associations and private residential landlords to deliver optimal customer service to their residents. Unlike many legacy communication portals, ENGAGE adds value to such an extent that residents will keep returning to the platform in preference to making phone calls to time-sapped service centre staff.

Increasingly, new rental properties created in the PRS (Private Rental Sector) lack a well-established community on their doorstep. This leads to tenants feeling disenfranchised. Cultivating people to feel more connected in their community, means they rent for longer.

ENGAGE wanted to conduct a piece of research to look at how engaged different age groups were with their local communities so that they could be thought of as thought leaders on the subject.

Arlington Research surveyed 750 tenants from across the UK and found over a third (36 per cent) of millennials (18-to-24 year olds) felt disconnected from their communities, compared to those who owned their own home (36 per cent) – more than any other age group. A lack of connection with neighbours was also revealed, with 65 per cent of millennials admitting they don’t know their neighbours, while 43 per cent say their neighbours do not even say hello to them.

Two in five millennials stated that they would better enjoy living in their home if they felt part of the local community – twice as many as 45-to-54 year olds.

The research allowed ENGAGE to not only achieve a raft of press coverage in its target trade titles, but also gain coverage in the nationals with The Independent.

Key takeaways:

  • over a third (36%) of millennials felt disconnected from their communities