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We live and breathe stories. Helping create stories from data is why we get out of bed in the morning. Our research helps PR, marketing, advertising, social and communication agencies and in-house teams deliver quality data that will bring a brand’s story to life in the media or via content across a variety of channels. We can help you add the human element to your content. For organisations that want trusted, respected, vibrant and topical stories told in real human voices we can add depth and fuel to your campaign.

How Arlington Research can help you

About Arlington Research

“The analysis document given at the end was exactly what we needed. Going through raw data is hard, but the way they presented it with key themes written out, as well as charts, helped us look at each question from several angles to glean the best insights possible.”

Director of Marketing– PFS

About PR Research

PR Research can be big investment for businesses but highly rewarding if done well. It can be tempting to go for the most economical option. When doing this you must ask yourself if your campaign will stand up to scrutiny from the media, competitors and the industry at large? There is nothing worse than investing your marketing budget on a piece of PR research only to see the findings ridiculed and your integrity called into question publicly.

With a deep understanding of the public relations world, Arlington Research will support your PR project with the following:

Your research will be conducted to the highest standards with a robust, quality sample you can trust.

The intelligent and unbiassed questionnaire design will deliver impactful results which hold up to scrutiny by the media and your competitors.

Desk research to check a similar story has not been carried out already by someone else.

A research director will be your main contact for the duration of the project and to give you advice each step of the way.

Input from a PR director to ensure the research isn’t just flawless BUT also interesting to the media.

A research director will be on hand to check your press releases and content to ensure all stats have been interpreted correctly so you can publish content in the media with 100% confidence. This service is always included free of charge for every PR research project commissioned.

PR research services

Alongside a research director, we ensure a PR director is part of every project. This means you can benefit from both our research and PR expertise. The team will work closely with you to design your research from kick off discussing your project goals through to final reporting.

The Arlington Research team adds value at every step of the way. Before the questionnaire stage, a PR director will review research recently put in the public domain by competitors to ensure you are not doubling up or running a project which closely resembles one already launched by someone else. Each piece of PR research is reliable, robust, delivered with a quick turnaround, and analysed to ensure the research creates maximum impact using our storytelling ethos. Our scope of work is broad, and we run PR research for leading brands and PR firms from many different sectors across the globe.

We would love to help bring your story to life.

What to look for when hiring a PR research agency

Investing in PR research can be a major expense of any campaign so you want to ensure you get it right. Below are Arlington Research’s six top tips designed to help you prepare your campaign and ensure that you maximise your investment in your next research project:

  • Always have clear SMART research objectives
  • Always ensure that your chosen research agency designs a sample that is representative of the population and uses a high quality panel for your project
  • Ensure your chosen research agency designs a questionnaire that 100% answers all your research objectives in an unbiassed way
  • Your research should comply ESOMAR Market Research international standards
  • Ensure you have someone senior enough with a research background to analyse the results
  • Your chosen research agency needs to make the reporting insightful, easy to read and easy to understand

Let’s start a new project together

  • Specialise in market research and in particular, PR surveys for the media
  • We have a UK panel of over 130k respondents
  • Access to over 44 countries internationally
  • Global panel of over 10 million respondents
  • Full-service market research agency

We always love to hear about a new challenge and would love to help you bring your story to life.