What are the biggest mistakes people make when conducting market research?

Written by: Paul Stallard

When analysing mistakes made by companies carrying out market research there are two main stand-out blunders that can hinder your findings; the wrong questionnaire and the wrong sample.

When carrying out market research, your questionnaire should be entirely objectives focused, avoiding as many tangents and irrelevant pieces of information as possible. Do not launch a survey wanting to find out about retail shopping habits and ask questions about something completely disconnected. This will simply provide you with useless results which you will then have to manipulate into fitting your expectation. It is far more effective to plan and prepare so that you ask the right questions and therefore have results that can back up your campaign.

The second biggest mistake in market research is choosing the wrong sample. For example, people often miss the opportunity to target their sample by asking people with better experience or expertise in the desired sector. It is common practice to open a survey to the general public rather than asking a particular group that that has a skillset and knowledge to provide more helpful results.

Whether your research is commercial, political or cultural, our team can provide you with an accurate picture of what the world thinks, and bring your story to life with more than just opinions. By better understanding buyers, trends, and data, it is possible to build stronger brands and drive sales.

Our ability to drill into profiled target groups and gather insights gives you strong reliable research to help position you as a thought leader. Our team are all director level and are passionate about providing you with world-class research. Asking the right questions and understanding the story you want to tell is why clients return to us time and time again to run their PR surveys and market research projects.

We conduct global quantitative research via online (CAWI) and telephone (CATI). We are also able to conduct face to face quantitative research. Our qualitative research methodologies include in-depth interviews, discussion groups and ethnography.

We offer bespoke desk research designed to meet your business objectives.
All our research complies with the UK Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct, ESOMAR standards, and market research quality standards for all the countries where research is conducted.

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When carrying out research, your questionnaire should be entirely objectives focussed, avoiding as many tangents and irrelevant pieces of information as possible.

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