Can research be used for PR?

Written by: Paul Stallard

Research is something that has moved from being non-existing within the PR sector to almost convoluting it in many ways. Over the years, companies are recognising the importance of including reliable statistics and new research alongside their stories to make them not only more impactful, but more newsworthy.

It is now not only the case that research alone is necessary, but that the research must be of good quality and high value. It is all well and good making a really bold statement and pitching this to national media, yet if you have minimal evidence, no physical examples and no research, you will simply be laughed off the phone.

The key to placing yourself head and shoulders above the flood of research that continues to grow exponentially within the PR sector is to carry out high quality, interesting and new research that completely backs up your companies’ values. Draft up storylines and ideas with your PR company and then base your research on the product of these sessions.

Research can not only benefit your campaign as it reinforces any your business offering, but it also allows you to draw a more accurate estimate about societal issues that you may want to comment on.

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