Can consumer research be conducted worldwide?

Written by: Paul Stallard

Simple answer to this question is yes. Consumer research can be conducted anywhere with an online presence or telephone connection can be reached.

That said, many people get it wrong because global research is not always the easiest to conduct. Translations, demographic targeting and IT reliance can all increase risk and cost.

Online surveys often work well but if you are looking for more qualitative research, other methods should be considered. These include contacting the audience via telephone or conducting face to face interviews. Always ask your market research agency how they would recommend getting the best results, and not just the easiest/cheapest.

I personally believe that global research campaigns present a welcome challenge and help make the job interesting. Through consumer research Arlington Research can help you explore people’s thoughts and opinions, dreams and fears, loves and hates.

Whether through consumer insight, an employee survey, or an election poll, we can help you better understand market trends and psychology and sociology of consumers. Designing insightful research means you will enjoy insightful results.

With a strong presence in all seven continents around the globe, including hard to reach markets, Arlington Research can help in nearly any country or at least advise you on what is possible.

For a free research quote, feel free to get in touch.

With a strong presence in all seven continents around the globe, Arlington can help you conduct research in nearly any country.

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