Case Study: Staples

As the leading provider of integrated solutions to small, mid-sized, and large businesses, Staples knows about space. It is committed to creating spaces that enable its customers make a difference every day.

To coincide with Blue Monday this year, Staples launched the findings of the research we undertook looking at how workspaces can help workers feel more valued, better achieve their goals and work more productively.

Arlington surveyed 7,000 office workers from ten European countries including: Finland (500), France (500), Germany (1,000), Italy (500), the Netherlands (500), Norway (500), Portugal (500), Spain (500), Sweden (500) and the United Kingdom (2,000).

Key findings showed that too many businesses are currently failing to keep their workers happy and that the physical work environment has an important part to play.

The research also highlighted ways for employers to make their workspaces happier. Perks, or happiness triggers, that respondents said they would like to have in their offices included an office dog, healthier snacks and better stationery.

The research received some great feedback from the media, appearing in pieces for BBC News, the Daily Mail, Forbes and Sky News.

Key takeaways:

  • International PR survey
  • One-in-five describe their office workspace as ‘depressing’
  • 81% say their office space has an impact on their mental health
  • 68% would feel more valued at work if their employers invested in their workspaces
  • 46% believe they’d be happier in another job altogether
  • A third (31%) are ashamed of their current workspace