Using the opinions of over 19 million opted-in panels from 65 countries, our research team helps brands get under the skin of how people and businesses interact


Whether your research is political, cultural or commercial our research team can provide you with an accurate picture of what the world thinks and bring your story to life with more than just opinions. By better understanding buyers, trends and data it is possible to build stronger brands and drives sales.

Our ability to drill into profiled target groups and gather insights gives you strong reliable research to help position you as a thought leader. Details on age, occupation, family status, recent purchases, hobbies and lifestyle are all logged in our extensive profiling. This allows our team to conduct bespoke qualitative and quantitative research on a national and international scale as well as focus groups and omnibus surveys.

As part of our global commitment to quality, Arlington Research’s online community network is ISO 20252 certified by CIRQ (The CASRO Institute for Research Quality). This accreditation impacts everything from what defines an “active” panelist to data protection and security processes for our clients.

All surveys that are sent out to community are checked to ensure:

  • correct implementation of re-directs
  • appropriate logic in the survey
  • correct set up of quotas
  • whether or not there is any personal, sensitive or illegal questions being asked
  • whether or not panelists can choose a ‘prefer not to answer’ option with any income or ethnicity questions
  • overall general quality before proceeding with fieldwork.

If any of these points are not to compliance with Arlington Research’s quality standards, the survey is not launched.

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